Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

We just wanted to wish all of you a very Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winter Carnival and Teething!

Our sweet angels after their baths.

Winter Carnival, McCall, ID

Poor girls were cold, but happy!

Where have we been? Well, I have a bunch of photos to post, but just haven't had the time. We went to McCall a couple weeks ago for winter carnival. The girls did pretty good for it being so cold and being crammed into their little size 9 month snowsuits. They barely fit, but I didn't want to buy new snowsuits for one day.
Lexxy is getting 3 teeth at once so the past few days/nights have been a little rough on all of us. I'm sure she will get those in and then Sammy will start...When will the teething end??
The girls still haven't taken their first step, but are so close! They both pull theirselves up to their feet and will stand for quite a while without holding on to anything. I want them to walk, but I don't!! What happened to our little babies??!! They are now little people who are constantly under our feet, constantly tugging on us, constantly wanting attention. I just love them!!
The girls are pretty much eating whatever we are eating and they just love table food! It's fun to give them new things and see what they like. So far, they like everything!! The especially love veggies....
They are also talking some...they say dada and mama (still not sure if they know who is who), Sammy says kitty cat sometimes, dye dye (for bye bye), num nums and they both will occasionally say "hi."
Well, I will try to update this post with photos tonight or tomorrow night. We have some great ones from McCall Winter Carnival.

Also, I entered the girls in this twins contest. The link is: