Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas 2010

Here are a couple photos that my sister took on Christmas Eve. Was able to get all 3 of them in the photo and looking! Now, that's an accomplishment! HA!

Justice joined us in the afternoon... The girls liked helping big sister open her gifts too!

More presents?

The girls lounging on their pillow pets!

Sammy and her pillow pet!

The girls on their new bean bag chairs...

Lexxy was so cute opening her stocking. She would reach in and get so excited, because there was "another one!"

After we went to my sister's, we came home and the girls opened their new jammies and then they were being so silly. They were both dancing around, trying on different hats and making us crack up! It was so much fun! We got a few cute videos too. I'll try and upload those later...

We tried to get all 3 girls in front of the tree, well that wasn't happening. Sweet Abbi was at least cooperating!

Wow! They really look a lot alike in this photo!

Lexxy and her big beautiful smile! Sammy wasn't as cooperative, of course...

Christmas Eve we went to my sister's house for our traditional ornament exchange. The girls wore their Christmas dresses and took their baby dolls with matching dresses. We took a few photos before we left the house.

The weekend before Christmas we always go to Lake Fork and celebrate Christmas with Kevin's parents. Grandpa has a great hill to sled down. This was the girls' first time actually going down the hill! By the end of the afternoon, they were walking up the hill on their own and dragging the sled behind them. Can't believe how big they are getting!