Thursday, December 27, 2012

September 2012

For Labor Day this year we met friends from McCall (Henggelers and Clays) and friends from Mossyrock (Corrina Bigbee, Angie Sherman and Matt Church) at Wallowa Lake in Oregon. It was beautiful there! It was crazy. The deer were so tame, they would just come up to your table while you were eating. It was kind of scary how tame they were!


We went out on the boat one day. It wasn't real warm, but some of us got in the water.

The girls loved being on the tube. They didn't want us to tow them though so they just floated around.

My monkeys

On the tram, headed up the hill. Here we go!

It was gorgeous up top. They say you can see 4 states from there.

Our family with my classmates

Wallowa Lake

On the last day we went into town (Joseph, OR) and had lunch and did some shopping. What a cute little town!

Waiting in line for the tram

Love this pic of Angie!

Classmates and friends forever!

Look real close at this picture. You will see 3 hands, 2 foreheads, etc.

The girls 1st Day of Preschool!!

They had so much fun today!

What cutie pies!!

Abbi's 4th Birthday!!