Friday, July 15, 2011

New Photos!

Our friend Christy took new photos of the girls. We had a blast that day! The girls cooperated and had their smiles on :) Sammy was our little poser and always had a smile, even if it was a little cheesy...

Isn't this so sweet?!


Love this one!




This one is going to be T-R-O-U-B-L-E! Yikes!

This was Kevin's wagon when he was little


We really had fun with these Harley photos. Grandpa Ray's going to love them!

Thanks again Christy!

First Boise Hawks Game!

We went to our first Boise Hawks game this year! Well, mine and the girls first time, any way. The girls liked seeing the "big bird" (mascot) and mostly spent their time trying to find him. We didn't watch much of the game, but still had a lot of fun!

4th of July 2011

What a fun 4th of July we had! We camped at one of our favorite places, just past the end of Payette Lake, near Fisher Creek. Yes, that is snow on the ground. There were quite a few patches when we got there Thursday night, but by Monday morning, it was mostly gone. The girls had SO much fun!

Look mom, SNOW!!

We found a really neat tree that had fallen over the creek. I had the girls and Kevin get up and they were being quite the little characters. Man, I love these girls!

Daddy and his girls

Me and my girls :)

One of their favorite things to do was throw rocks in the creek. Lexxy's got a good arm on her!

Woohoo! We're camping!

Just chillin'. I wonder what they're discussing here? Maybe what kind of rubber boots they want next?

The girls FINALLY learned how to steer their jeep. I bet they spent over 2 hours a day driving this thing around and the battery never ran out! It's so cute to see them shift it into reverse, back up while looking over their shoulder, then shift it back into forward and take off! LOL! Makes me laugh every time...

Can you tell they didn't have naps? They look so tired here...