Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Fun 2011

What a fun summer we've had so far! These two photos were taken with Kevin's cell phone on picture day on Saturday. The girls did awesome!! We found that candy and ice cream afterward were great bribing tools :)

The girls are warming up in the sun after playing in their cold cold pool...

First day in the pool this summer! They had such a ball, we didn't have the heart to make them go in and take a nap. They played for over 5 hours! And still didn't want to go in. We are looking forward to starting swimming lessons on July 11th.

They love to be outside. They found that if mommy & daddy can't pull them around in the wagon, then they can pull eachother! This was Kevin's wagon when he was little, repainted with love by Grandpa Gary :)

The next Tiger Woods?

Happy Mother's Day!

Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles! You wouldn't believe how many bottles of bubbles they've gone thru this summer already. It's definitely one of their favs!

Riding their big girl bikes. They have finally mastered pedaling on their tricycles. We put these away for awhile, but will be getting them back out soon.

This was a fun birthday party that the girls went to for their friends Lily, Savannah and Barrett who are triplets. Their friends Ellie and Bea who are also twins came too! They followed them around every where and had so much fun!

Happy 3rd Birthday Savannah, Lily and Barrett! What a fun birthday party at Little Gym

Lexxy our little monkey

Sammy our little monkey

It's amazing to me that they can walk across a parallel bar like it's nothing! They were able to do this a year ago too.

We took the girls to Eagle Fun Days this year. They had so much fun on the rides. I can't wait until the fair this year!

Yes, that is Sammy, Justice and Lexxy on the roller coaster. OMGosh, I have never laughed so hard in my life. They were throwing their arms up in the air and the roller coaster would jerk them back, they had perma-grins the whole time! They are SO my daughters!! When I was little, there wasn't a ride that went fast enough or high enough! lol!

At the Wet and Wild parade ~ Sammy's cheesy grin

Love this look! lol! Lexxy wasn't happy about gettin sprayed

Our girls at the parade

Daddy and his girls

Momma and her girls

Memorial Day 2011

I was horrible this weekend about taking photos. Mostly spent the time relaxing or searching for the girls. At one point, we could not find the girls (even though they were right there 2 minutes before). Looked down the driveway and there they were down by the pond, with no other kids, no adults, just Zoe (Zumhoff's dog). After totally freaking out and running as fast as I could to get down to them before one of them slipped into the pond, they explained that Zoe had taken them down there and they put ALL of the blame on her. Zoe just looked at us with those big puppy dog eyes, asking us who was going to throw the next stick into the pond so she could go fetch...

Why isn't it moving any more?

Mom, look what I found!

Sammy eating the candy off of her candy necklace

For Memorial Day we went to Ben and Farrah's home/property in Orofino along with many other families like we do every Memorial Day weekend (Zumstock) and camped out. We had tons of fun! The girls found their first caterpillar ever and got to eat candy that came out of the pinata. Mostly, they got to run around outside and play in the dirt for days. Hoping to do much more camping this summer!

First Camp Trip ~ Mothers Day weekend

Well, our first camp trip this season and it rains, pretty much the entire time! We had about a 15 min. break on Saturday, but we just got a fire built and it started up again. Yes, we are huddled around the fire with umbrellas. We tried to make the best of it and the girls still had a lot of fun. We camped at Thousand Springs in Hagerman. They had an indoor hotsprings pool so that was nice. We could stay in out of the rain and swim. The girls had a blast!!


The girls favorite part was the small playground that was there where they could swing. Even though it was sprinkling on us, we were still at the park swinging....

We tried to ride bikes, but the girls didn't want to try...

Had a good time with Grandpa Gary and Grandma Sher after not seeing them since New Years :)