Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall 2010

Here are a few of the photos that we had done this month. The girls seem so big and grown up to me. Where or where has the time gone?
So, you ask, why so many photos of Lexxy and only just a few of Sammy...
Well, with the many challenges of having twins, they rarely are both angels at the same time...
Lexxy did pretty much what we asked her to, but Sammy had her typical "tudes" and wasn't quite as cooperative. Luckily, Christy was still able to get some great shots!

Lexxy sitting on the smallest of stumps and looking her cutest...

Me and my sweet Lexxy girl

Sammy looking so beautiful!

Lexxy and her Daddy

Me and my girls!

Mommy and Daddy to these beautiful girls

Our girls

Gorgeous Sammy girl!

Lexxy and her sweet smile...

BSU fans!