Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ashlee and Maddie's Trip to Idaho

Ashlee and Maddie came to visit in late January for the weekend. We took the girls to the mall one day and Ashlee and I got out to dinner by ourselves one night. We spent the rest of the time relaxing and enjoying eachother's company. Before they left, we went and had our nails done and went out to lunch. It was a fabulous weekend! Wish we could do it more often!! Love you guys!


Me and Ashlee

Maddie and Lexxy

I absolutely LOVE this photo of Ashlee and Maddie. They are both so photogenic!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Chasing after toddlers!! The girls are beyond busy x2! I don't have any recent photos uploaded so I will try and do that soon. What is new with us? Well, we got a new camper (new to us) about a month ago and have been working on getting it ready for the season which we really wish would get here soon!

The girls were sick over the past two weeks so that was exhausting with being up every night, whining babies at our feet, running them to the doctor, etc. I am happy to say they are healthy again and back to their selves.

Sammy has mastered opening doors so we need to get a bunch of the child safety knobbers for the door knobs. Lexxy is talking in 4 or 5 word sentences all of a sudden. It's like they are all grown up! I took them to a birthday party at the West YMCA last weekend and they swam in the kiddie pool and had a blast! I'm looking forward to this summer and camping, swimming etc. They are going to be so much fun!

Before the girls got sick Lexxy was going pee pee on the potty usually twice a day. She has regressed, but we're trying to get her back on track. It's been once a day the past few days. YAY! Can't wait to be out of diapers!!

The girls think that any gray-haired man is "Grandpa" and any gray-haired woman is "Grandma" when they see them on tv or out and about. They are so funny! Lexxy is always asking "Where'd Grandma go?" in her cute little voice. I love it!!

Save the date for their birthday party which will be on March 27 at 4:00. I'm guessing we will just have it at our house. I'll be sending out invitations and setting up an evite in a few weeks.