Monday, September 19, 2011

Camping at Kennelly Creek

In August we camped at one of our favorite spots, Kennelly Creek. It was gorgeous up there (minus the mosquitos)
Justice was able to go with us and the 3 girls had a BLAST!

We had never seen the water so high and rushing

The girls made me nervous climbing on the rocks



They mastered riding their big girl bikes that weekend and even asked Daddy to take the training wheels off. We talked them into waiting for awhile...

Ready to go fishing! Even though we did not catch anything and didn't even get a bite, we still had fun. Maybe next year they will be more ready...

The girls!

Justice found a nice little seat made just for her in the rocks

The girls second most favorite thing to do camping. Play in the DIRT! They seem to be able to find it wherever we go....

Lexxy's DIRTY face! Priceless! (she did not want me to ake this photo but I had to)

Swim Lessons

I couldn't believe they were jumping off the diving board by the 5th lesson! Their favorite part was jumping into the pool. They have absolutely NO FEAR! Scares me a bit...

The girls took swim lessons in July. It's been over 2 months and they still ask, "Are we going to Miss Erin's to swim?" They had a blast!

They were naturally little fishes!

They are funny. Now every ditch, canal, etc. we drive by they say, "we don't swim in there." They learned so much in two weeks!