Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Camping 2009





Sammy and Daddy on a ride.

Lexxy and Daddy going on a ride.

How do I make this thing go? I saw Daddy do it....

They just love Camping!

Their wanting Ranger to come out and play.

Getting bundled up to go outside at Burgdorf. It was so cold!

Headed to the hot springs pool at Silver Creek Plunge.

Girls Being Girls





Lexxy (I just love this photo of her)


Lexxy, not so happy. It's not going any where!

Sammy trying to catch bubbles

Lexxy in Daddy's hat

Sammy in Daddy's hat

Sammy girl

Lexxy girl

The girls love their new Barbie jeep. Too bad they can't reach the pedals!

I love this photo of the girls giving eachother loves!! Makes me smile :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Climbing Little Terrors

Well, the girls have now learned how to climb on almost everything. Their newest thing is going from the ottoman to the rocking chair to the end table to the chair!! Last night Samantha crawled up on the dining room chair onto the dining room table and was standing on it! How kids survive toddlerhood, I'm not sure! God's angels must be working overtime right now keeping my girls from getting hurt...

I've started writing down funny things they do and say and will put them in a jar to keep and read to them when the get bigger. The other day I was getting something out of the refrigerator and Lexxy came over and grabbed a wine bottle off of the bottom shelf and took off running screaming out "Mine...Mine...Mine!!!" Out of all the things she could have grabbed...

They make us laugh every day.

This photo is funny... This is so Sammy... Look at that face...Cracks me up!!

I'm thinking they should be little devils for Halloween, so appropriate!!

I still need to post some photos from camping last weekend. It was quite cold and the girls had to wear the winter jackets most of the time, but they had a blast riding four wheelers and getting dirty and they look so cute bundled up in their coats and hats :)

Hope to get some photos posted over the weekend.