Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It's hard to believe the girls will be 2 1/2 next month! It sure has gone by fast. Each stage has its challenges and each stage some things get easier. The girls are talking in full sentences. It is fun to listen to them talk. Sometimes I just can't wait to hear what they will say next. Lexxy is very talkative and she likes to tell stories. It's so cute! On the way back from vacation, Sammy was squealing in the car and Lexxy says, "No more screaming! I SAID, no more screaming!" They both make us laugh every day. They are truly a blessing!!

We started potty training last Wednesday. So, we are still in week 1 and the girls are doing incredible! Thanks for all the advice from my friends, we waited until they were ready and they are really ready! They have had a few accidents here and there, but are now starting to be dry during naps and travel to/from daycare. We chose to go straight to big girl panties rather than use pullups. It has worked great. There were two evenings that they made quite a few messes but now they are down to 0-1 accidents. We use pullups for traveling and since we still have diapers left, we are using diapers at night. Sometimes they go every 5 minutes and it is total chaos at our house with us running around wiping bottoms here and there, but they are getting the hang of it. It will be nice to be diaper free!

We have taken the girls' high chairs from the bar stools and moved them to regular chairs so they can eat at the table with us. They really like this and think that they are big girls now! :) They are also drinking out of big girl cups and making fewer messes with eating.

They love motorcycles, airplanes, big trucks, etc. They can spot them or hear them way before any one else. Their Uncle Gary has a harley and they saw him ride off on it in Bremerton on vacation and they are still talking about their "Uncle Gary ride motorcycle, noisy."


We took the girls to their first rodeo this year, Snake River Stampede. They loved it! They have outgrown their cowgirl hats so we'll have to get new ones for next year :)

We spent our vacation in Washington State. The first part of the trip we camped at Mayfield Lake in my home town, Mossyrock, WA and attended my 20 year high school reunion. The girls had a blast and it was so great to see everyone!

The girls didn't like the cold lake water much, but they played in it a little. They just liked playing in the sand and dirt...

The girls at the lighthouse at Mayfield Lake.

The second part of our vacation, we spent in Bremerton WA at my Uncle Bill's house. We had a 70th Birthday Party for my dad. It was great to see family! This photo is the girls with their cousin Abbi in Uncle Bill's hot tub. They had so much fun!