Friday, December 17, 2010

Fall/Winter Catch Up!

Still am in shock that we have this photo, that the girls sat on Santa's lap, that Sammy is even giving him a hug! I figured we would have the same photo as last year. One with Santa, then me kneeling next to the girls who are no where near Santa. HA! They proved me wrong... I have to thank the cute little elf though. There was this sweet little elf that came and sat down with the girls while we were waiting our turn and told the girls how nice Santa was and they sat on his lap and we were able to get a few photos. Maybe next year, we can get them smiling. Yeah right!

These photos were taken at Festival of Trees. The girls and I had so much fun!

Our 3 girls together!

Justice is trying to get them to look at the camera... Good luck!

All 3 of our beautiful girls! They had SO much fun!

Justice was able to go to the party with us this year. Doesn't she look beautiful??!!


This is a photo of the girls right before we went to my multiples group Christmas party. Giving eachother a sweet hug! They are ready to see Santa!

All done!

Lexxy posing for the camera while Sammy is dancing around crazy and not cooperating at all!

Sammy concentrating on getting her ornament on the tree just right.

Lexxy trying to get as many ornaments in one spot that she can :)

It was hard to get both girls in these two pictures, but somehow we did it!!

The girls had fun playing in the leaves this year. They really liked helping daddy pick them up. Even though we didn't get much done before the snow came...