Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I can 't believe how hard it is to keep up with two toddlers!! They are so busy right now and never want to slow down. They are into everything and make the biggest messes. They have now found they can get into one of the drawers in the kitchen which has measuring cups and tupperware in it so every day they have it all out and I'm constantly tripping on everything. I thought last night that it would be a good idea to clean the bathroom really quick while the girls were playing so well. Well, I kept hearing what sounded like silverware and I knew they couldn't get into the silverware drawer so I came out and checked and Samantha had opened the dishwasher and was playing with a knife!! Luckily she was not cut and now we absolutely do NOT put any knives in the dishwasher, but I guess I'll have to find some kind of locking device for the dishwasher so they aren't playing with dirty dishes. Yuck!!
The girls LOVE being outside. They get so mad when you bring them in after playing outside. But they are literally into everything, taking rocks out of the flower beds, throwing rocks, trying to eat rocks, getting into whatever they can...Why can't they just play with the balls? They are so funny...
Lexxy knows what her belly button is and will pull her shirt up and point and say "bo, bo." We have a Sandra Boynton book called "They Belly Button Book" that calls the belly button the "bee bo." She makes us laugh every time!
Sammy has a word that she uses and it is mostly when she wants milk it is kind of like "thsks, thsks." She is constantly saying that word for everything and Lexxy says it sometimes too. Silly girls!
We got a Chevy Tahoe over the weekend and the girls' carseats are now right next to eachother. After I picked them up from daycare yesterday, I looked back and they were holding hands. They just love sitting next to eachother, it's so cute! I can't wait to see how they like the dvd player. We'll try it out this weekend on our way to Orofino.
I'll try and post some photos soon. This is a crazy week, but maybe by the first of next week I can get some up. The girls are getting so big. They have outgrown most of their 12 month clothes and are mostly wearing 18 months! I can't believe how big they are getting.

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